Here are the registration details and dates for Portsea’s Education programs for 2019-20. More camps and training may be announced. All links to registrations will appear on the appropriate pages (under the Education tab) at the times stated below.

Program Ages Priority* General
Silver 15+ N/A 10am, 5th May 2019 View
Part-Time Bronze 15+ N/A 10am, 16th August 2019 View
SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate) U14 10am, 2nd Sep 2019 8.30am, 11th Sep 2019 View
Cadets U15 10am, 2nd Sep 2019 9am, 11th Sep 2019 View
Bronze 15-17 10am, 2nd Sep 2019 9.30am, 11th Sep 2019 View
Nippers U7 – U13 10am, 2nd Sep 2019 10am, 11th Sep 2019 View

*Priority entry is defined by the following:

  • Nippers – Participated in Nippers previously, or has a sibling who has participated
  • SRC – Completed U/13 Nippers in the previous season
  • Cadets – Completed SRC in the previous season
  • Bronze – Completed Cadets or SRC in the previous season, and received a Golden Ticket.

All entries in the priority period will be checked. Any invalid entries in this period will not be considered.

General Registration fills out very quickly. Please be online before the advertised time ready for it to open, and have the following information with you:

  • Candidate Last Name
  • Candidate DOB
  • Candidate First Name
  • Candidate Email
  • Candidate Mobile
  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Parent/Guardian Email
  • Parent/Guardian Mobile

Submitting an application in general registration does not confirm your spot. We will send out confirmations to those that get on, which will include a link for more details and payment.