General Manager’s F&B Update

Updated: 20th November 2020.

The Club 

Dear members,

I am really excited to let you know that The Club will reopen from next Friday, 27th November at 5.00pm. We can’t wait! At this stage, our plans are to open for weekends until Boxing Day, after which we will resume seven days a week – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner through to Australia Day. We are expecting a very busy summer at The Club given that we have all been cooped up for months and there’s no sign of interstate or International travel. Naturally, the Victorian Government restrictions that apply to the hospitality industry will also apply to us – we thank you in anticipation for your support and understanding.

I’m pleased to be able to tell you all that our Manager and resident Frenchy Patrick, will be back to entertain us again with his humour and antics.  As well as, our much-loved Head Chef Joe who will be spoiling us with many new dishes and perhaps a few Club favourites from last summer.

We will be changing up the menu this year to include more Grab and Go style food, Fish N Chip beach packs and maybe even some pub classics. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I’ll keep a few up my sleeve.

I have been inundated with many younger members applying for jobs for the season already. Again, I’m unsure of what the roster is going to look like just yet and how many shifts will be available, however, please email your resumes if you’re interested in working. 

Please email to –

Keep an eye on the website and socials for more updates in the coming weeks.

Acoustic Panelling

Over the off-season, state of the art acoustic panelling has been installed in the clubrooms and the noise reduction is incredible. We hope that you notice the difference.

Tap Beer

Did someone say Jetty Road and Carlton Draught on Tap? (Mardo control yourself). Stay tuned!

Food & Beverage Update

We will be opening the doors to The Club on Friday 27th November at 5pm for dinner and drinks. 

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, the ‘ring of steel’ lifted and summer just around the corner, we are finally able to welcome you all back to The Club. However, there will be a few restrictions and new COVID-19 plans that we will all have to adhere to. 

The current plan working on the amended restriction guidelines that come into place on the 23rd of November are as follows

Opening days and times

  • Friday 5pm – 11pm – Drinks & Dinner
  • Saturday 9am – 11pm – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
  • Sunday 9am – 5pm – Breakfast & Lunch

Session Times & Sittings

We will all have to adhere to structured sitting times and be prepared to vacate your table or seat when required to allow the next booking to move in. This is also a requirement on the Deck for outside tables and high tables.

We know it will be a different summer – we also know that we can count on you to ensure that your Club fully complies with the regulations of the day. 

Opening hours will be as follows: 

  • Breakfast 9am – 11am
  • Lunch 12 noon, 1.30pm 
  • Dinner  5.00pm, 6.30pm, 8pm sittings

Venue Capacity Numbers (based on known restrictions as at 19th of November 2020)

  • 60 people inside the restaurant and bar
  • 100 people on the deck   
  • Guests must always be seated and masks can be removed whilst seated.

Members & Guests Policy

Given the membership base is now 5000 strong, we will be restricting guest numbers this year to give priority to our members

  • Only financial members will be able to make online bookings at the Club for lunch and dinner.
  • Bookings must be made online and all names of those attending listed. 
  • At this stage bookings will open on the Monday for the following weekend.
  • At this stage, our plan is to have no guests in the club for dinner bookings over the period of 26th December – Sunday 10th of January. This may change if restrictions are lifted. Naturally, this is subject to change depending on demand but ultimately our priority is ensuring that our members can access The Club.

COVID-19 entry conditions

All guests must enter through the front door and sign in using your new membership card. If you don’t have your card you will have to print out a guest pass. It’s critical that we know how many people are in the venue at the one time. 


  • Bookings are essential for lunch & dinner. 
  • Bookings are not required for breakfast; however, numbers will still need to be enforced.
  • Only financial members will be able to book tables.
  • All bookings will be checked, and non-financial member bookings will be cancelled.


Ordering must be made from your tables for food and drinks (even morning coffee).

We will be using an online ordering system, Hungry Hungry, whereby you scan a QR code, enter your name and table number then simply place your order and the payment is made directly using Apple pay or Google Pay.

Your orders will be received by the bar or kitchen and your drinks and meals will be delivered to your table. 


Please be patient with staff as we learn these new systems. Hopefully restrictions will ease up in the near future and we can resume some sort of normality again.

See you on the Deck soon.

Best Regards,

Wayne Stoll