Pier to Perignon – Latest Update

Pier to Perignon on Sunday 21st February 2021

2021 Pier to Perignon Update 

Thank you all for your patience – we know it’s been a long wait, and we know many of you are keen to lock in your open water swim calendar. The good news is that based on current COVID-19 restrictions, we are full steam ahead with the 2021 Pier to Perignon.

As we are sure you will understand, there will be a few changes to the ‘normal’ format of the Pier to Perignon which will allow us to operate within the current COVID-19 DHHS requirements. To ensure fairness, in the advent that this needs to be further altered, all registrations will be filed in order of when you register.

The first of these changes will be that rather than a single wave, we will be running as two waves (separate swims) on the same day, approximately two hours apart.  This will allow us to meet the current COVID-19 requirements. Both waves will have the benefit of the outgoing tide.

If you are keen to swim as part of a group in the same wave, our new registration platform will allow you to create a group, either at the time of entry or after you/your group have registered up until the end of December.

Swimmers/groups will be allocated to waves on a random basis. We will advise which wave you have been allocated during January.

We are also introducing a priority registration system. This will mean that registration will open on different dates based on the number of swims you have completed.

  • 16th December at 9.00am – Registrations for participants who have completed 9 or more previous P2P events will open.
  • 18th December at 9.00am – Registrations for participants who have completed 4 – 8 previous P2P events will open.
  • 20th December at 9.00am – Registrations for participants who have completed 1 – 3 previous P2P events will open.
  • 21st December at 9.00am – Registrations will open for the General Public

What you need to do next:

  1. Previous entrants will be sent an email that will have:
    • Your Name
    • Date of birth
    • Number of swims
    • Link to site
  2. If you do not receive this email by 5.30pm on the 14th of December and believe you should have, please email the P2P team at P2Pinfo@portseasurf.com.au and make sure to include, name, date of birth and number of swims. You will not receive an email if you have not swum the P2P previously. We will take all possible care in determining how many swims each swimmer has completed.
  3. If you believe the number of swims stated is not correct, please email the P2P team at P2Pinfo@portseasurf.com.au , citing your name, date of birth and the years you have completed the event and if necessary, any other relevant details. If a change is requested then once the race committees’ decision is made on the number of swims completed, this decision will be final.
  4. Ensure you check the details to make sure they are correct, as these details are used by the registration system to data match you and allows you to continue through the registration process.
    • You cannot share the link with another person, as the system will not allow two people with the same details to enter.
  5. Do not try to register prior to the date stated, which is determined by the years you have swum. The site will reject your attempt and may block you from entering at the correct time.

We have been working hard to develop new systems, procedures and strategies to enable us to bring this great event to you in 2021. We are sure you can all appreciate that being able to get us to this point has been a major undertaking. As you are aware this event is run by the Portsea Surf Lifesaving Club and all the people involved volunteer their time to deliver this event for you. Please join us in thanking them, for their time and perseverance, which has meant that we are now in the position to proceed.

The event will see several changes including registrations, gear collection, wave format and how people will be managed on the day. Please be assured that these changes have been carefully considered and will, we believe, deliver a more professional, safer, and enjoyable experience for you. Please read the requirements for the swims understand the changes, check the site for updates and follow the stated rules.

Thank you again for your patience in waiting for us to announce the date for the opening of registrations for the Pier to Perignon 2021. We look forward to seeing you all next year. GET TRAINING.

Sam Paynter, Race Director & Craig Evans, Deputy Director