Golden Ticket

The Portsea Golden Ticket system is a system to reward members that have shown commitment to the Club with priority entry onto our programs.


This system is no longer “points” based. There is a base level of requirements to meet, but on top of this we also look at the attitude and behaviour of candidates. Volunteer hours are still recorded and used in the allocation process.

Simply turning up to get hours but not helping out or being disrespectful will not cut it!

Volunteer Hours

The following classify as volunteer hours:

  • Patrolling
  • Nippers Instructing / Water Safety
  • SRC Instructing / Water Safety
  • Helping at fundraiser events
    • Portsea Swim Classic
    • Pier to Perignon
    • Door Knock
  • Water safety at competition carnivals

What do I need a Golden Ticket for?

Priority entry to Bronze and Silver camp require a Golden Ticket.

Priority entry to other programs:

  • Nippers and SRC – must have participated in the program, or had a sibling in the program, in the previous season
  • Cadets – must have participated in SRC the year before
  • Part-time Bronze – no priority entry

Base requirements for a Golden Ticket

  1. Must attend at least 50% of rostered patrols
  2. Must help at at least one fundraiser event

Please note that these base requirements were already an expectation of being an active member. As they are being newly published this year, if you have not met the base requirements this year you may write a letter to the Club Captain outlining:

  • Why the requirements weren’t met
  • How this camp will benefit your lifesaving journey

How do I record hours?

At all events and camps there will be a member allocated sign in and out. All candidates must sign in and out each day to have their hours recorded. For patrols, this is done via the patrol sign in book.

How do I ensure I get a Golden Ticket?

We understand that some people are super keen to be a part of our programs and like to be able to “confirm” they get on. If you attend the majority of your patrols, help at some of our events, and you bring a good attitude, you will have absolutely no problem achieving a Golden Ticket.

What kind of attitudes are we looking for?

We are looking for kind, helpful people who actively participate. Displaying leadership qualities is also a plus.

What does the overall selection process look like?

  1. All camp leaders and patrol captains keep notes about camp candidates and patrollers
  2. Members help out at club events and patrols, and their hours are recorded
  3. Members apply for the camp (and in the case of Silver camp, submit a written application)
  4. A selection team consisting of (but not limited to) the Camp Chief Instructors and the Club captain review the hours completed and the applications submitted
  5. The selection team reaches out to other Camp Leaders and Patrol Captains to discuss a members performance if their  selection is not clear
  6. A decision is made based on the number of spots available on the camp, and all of the considerations made above

This is an extensive process that takes a considerable amount of time to administrate. We do it because we want to make sure that those who put into the Club and show good character are rewarded, as we believe it is those people who will go on to be the next leaders of our Club.

For Silver camp especially, we expect that all candidates selected will go on to be strong contributors to the Club. The camp does not cater for those just looking for a social experience, it is a camp for those that have demonstrated commitment in the past and with the intention to continue that into the future.