Mildura Partnership


Mildura LSC is the only inland lifesaving club in Victoria. 5 years ago, Mildura LSC almost ceased to exist, with only one Bronze Medallion holder and a few others with first aid training. Greg Rhodes and Louise Tarrant led a campaign calling for volunteers to ensure that this crucial community service was not lost. With the help of LSV and many fantastic volunteers, Mildura has now gained momentum, and are rebuilding a fantastic lifesaving club.

Areas that Mildura LSC can use some help with as they grow, are 1) building their fleet of rescue and training equipment, and 2) in upskilling their volunteers. With a longstanding patrolling history and having recently undergone a significant period of growth, Portsea SLSC is well positioned to help Mildura in these areas. Being joint members of both Mildura LSC and Portsea SLSC, the Madden family initiated this partnership and they continue to provide ongoing support. This partnership allows Portsea SLSC members to learn about patrolling in a different environment and provides them with leadership and training opportunities.


The high-level objectives of developing the Portsea-Mildura partnership are to:

  1. Rebuild and provide ongoing support to the only inland lifesaving club in Victoria
  2. Create learning opportunities by immersing lifesavers in different environments (differences between river and surf)
  3. Create pathways for members to advance their skills in:
    • Lifesaving
    • Instructing, training and assessing
    • Leadership
  4. Better utilise resources between the two clubs, such as:
    • Training personnel
    • Club documents e.g. position descriptions, committee structures, training processes
    • Equipment
    • Locations/clubhouses

Progress so far

  1. Madden family initiated partnership
  2. Madden family got involved with Mildura Committee to help with strategy and assist in operations
  3. Matt Perrott (Portsea) travelled to Mildura to assist with the Nipper program and Bronze assessments
  4. Mildura candidates attended Portsea Bronze Camp

2018-19 Action Plan

To achieve the outlined objectives of the Portsea-Mildura partnership, the following actions are planned to be taken:

  1. Spots allocated to worthy Mildura club members on Portsea’s Bronze and Silver Camps
  2. Trip to Mildura for training and friendly lifesaving competition
  3. Elect candidates from Portsea and Mildura to engage in regular communication, to discuss progress and brainstorm ideas