New Clubhouse Q&A

1. How will the Clubhouse operate?

The Committee established a Facilities Sub-committee which is overseeing the development of an operating model. This process has commenced and will continue to evolve over the next few months. The operational model will outline the expected day to day running of the club house, purpose of club rooms, cleaning and maintenance as well as the food and beverage service. While we aim to have this largely in place for next season, we expect it will require tweaking as we go.

2. What are the rules of the new Clubhouse? Are they the same as the ones that we
had previously?

The Committee is in the process of developing the Clubhouse rules and member expectations in relation to the new Clubhouse. These will be largely based on our existing rules with appropriate updates given the new building layout and its functions. For example, not all areas of the Clubhouse will be accessible to all membership categories and sand and wetsuits will be prohibited on the first floor.

3. Is there an opportunity to provide feedback on how it might work?

The FSC and Club Committee are happy to receive to feedback and ideas from the membership to assist in the development of the Clubhouse Operational Model. An online feedback form has been developed to enable the membership to share its views after participating in the Easter opening events. We encourage everyone to have their say in helping shape our operational model.

4. When will the Club be open for member use?

Over the next few months the final works around the Club will be completed. During this time the operating model will also further develop. We would expect that this year’s Silver Camp will be accommodated within the Clubhouse, and a new member induction and access program will be rolled out as part of member renewal and requals.

5. How many beds will there be?

We are expecting the new Clubhouse will have bedding for around 60 people.

6. Why won’t there be enough beds for Bronze Camp?

In designing the new Clubhouse, every effort was made to maximise the number of permanent beds in the facility. There was a tradeoff between the cost of building more rooms for accommodation, and the frequency with which they will all be needed. Bronze camp has approximately 130-140 attendees (inclusive of both students and staff) and runs for only one week of the year. In comparison to our next largest camp, Silver Camp, that has approximately 60 staff and students. For the one week of the year during Bronze Camp, we expect half of the camp will be offsite at external accommodation. Silver Camp will be able to run in the new clubhouse accommodation. The Club Committee is happy that the right balance has been achieved in this area.

7. How do we access the Clubhouse outside of patrol hours?

We are still working through how access will be provided. As per the old Clubhouse, members of the Committee and other relevant members will be provided with keys to the building as required. Initially, access will be by arrangement which accords with what occurred in the old clubhouse.

8. What will the food and beverage offer be once it is up and running?

The Facilities Sub-Committee is currently developing a food and beverage operational plan for the new Clubhouse. We expect this will evolve over the first few years of our operation. Ultimately, the offering will seek to meet member needs, operate in a sustainable fashion, and utilise the great asset that the new Clubhouse will be.

9. Will it be open to non-members?

It is expected that the general food and beverage offer will be member focused. Non-members will be able to use the facilities, but only as the guest of a member. Non-members will be subject to a sign in process with a member.

10. Will there be a canteen?

We expect there will be a food offering over peak season provided from the clubhouse, this will be available to members. As part of this, there is potential to include some “pop up” sites out the front of the club for the general public. This will need to be agreed upon by the Club and Parks Victoria.

11. Does the Club still need to raise funds?

The Club is extremely close to achieving its fundraising targets and is appreciative of the support to date. The Club is conscious that there are a number of members and supporters who have yet to commit to supporting the fundraising campaign. The final stages of this fundraising are critical and can potentially be the difference between the Club requiring borrowings or not. Clearly the desire of the Committee is a debt-free Club.

12. Has the Club had to borrow money?

Yes – the Club has borrowed $750k, which it is required to repay. The Club also has a loan facility from Westpac, which it is yet to draw down.