P2P 2021

Pier to Perignon is set to be held on Sunday 21st February 2021

Please view the latest P2P updates by clicking on the button below. 


Due to updated tidal information which due to the 5-day lockdown we have only just received and the forecast weather conditions for Sunday please see updated wave times:


Wave 1 – This will now move to 11am  
Wave 2 – This will now move to 1pm
This decision to push the waves back 1 hr has been made with competitor safety as our first priority.
We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause. As you can appreciate this was a hard decision to make.
Please note wave allocation has been completed and you will be receiving your email detailing race information shortly.
Thank you for your support.  
P2P Committee


We have, in this document provided critical information on the upcoming event and also the options you now have with respect to your possible choices with respect to Groups and Waves.
Please also see below an offer for accommodation from Portsea Camp.
To confirm your spot you will need to complete the registration and pay for the accommodation.

Final, allocation of Waves will be facilitated by the PSLSC on Friday 19th February.

  • You will be advised of your status once this is complete and your personal email with links to your Race ID, COVID-19 Checklist, and additional race information is sent 
  • This will occur either late on Friday or Saturday morning.We have, in the attached document, given you the opportunity to access your personal race details and request the wave you wish to swim in.
  • Please be aware that this is a request only and we will do our best to give you your preferred option but may not be able to do so.
  • For Groups: Only one member needs to nominate the preferred wave. This will then be used for all members. If members want different times then they will need to leave the group and request the alternate wave as an individual or as a newly formed group.
Thank you for your patience. Please be assured we are doing everything we can to deliver information to you as quickly as possible. I am sure you can appreciate the magnitude of things we are having to consider and finalise to deliver this event.

Update 13th Feb 2021 – ATTENTION TO ALL SWIMMERS

We have decided to once again adopt a wait and see approach whilst considering other options.

How quickly the situation changes and forces us to reconsider how we need to move forward. Due to the latest Victorian Government lockdown, the Pier to Perignon committee is in the process of working through the various options available to it in order to give the swim the best chance to be held.The following options are being considered and will be assessed, once the results of the current lockdown are known and a decision is made by the Victorian Government on the next steps.

  1. Hold the swim as planned
    • Conduct it in a single wave
    • Conduct it in two waves.
  2. Postpone the event for 2 weeks making the new date the 7th March. This date has been chosen as this is the next date where the currents will allow the event to be held.
    • Conduct it in a single wave
    • Conduct it in two waves.
  3. Cancel the event 

Your passionate support for this event has been the main reason for us not making a hasty decision but allowing as much time as we can to make the final call.

It is now in the hands of the Victorian Government, in consultation with the Chief Health Officer to determine what options we will have open to us.
We thank you all for your patience and assure you that we will continue to assess the situation and examine all options available to us to deliver a water-based event in a COVID19 safe environment.

We hope this update gives you some comfort as to the steps that we are taking and allows you to also consider the possibility of the date of the event potentially being changed.

We wish you all the best over the next few days. Please stay safe.



Portsea Camp Accomodation – A wonderful offer from the group who provide us their amazing facilities to stage the finish festivities for the event.

We have been able to discuss accommodation options with the Portsea Camp for Saturday 20th February as follows:

  • Room only which can accommodate 4 people at $105.00 for the night
  • If the event is moved from the 21st February the $105.00 is fully refundable.

We are also working with Portsea Camp with respect to rooms being available on the 6th March but this will not be known until late next week. There are limited rooms available for the 20th.

Register here now for P2P camp rooms.

For more information on this wonderful organisation, the work that they do for the community and the facilities that they have available for hire please visit: https://theportseacamp.com.au/

Update 31st Jan 2021 – ATTENTION TO ALL SWIMMERS

IT’S TIME TO START GETTING EXCITED – We are edging ever closer and it’s now only 3 weeks until we can once again meet to hold the 33rd running of the Iconic Pier to Perignon Swim.

Current Update on the upcoming Pier to Perignon 2021 Swim on Sunday 21st February.
Due to the highly successful running of the Portsea Swim Classic, where we adopted some new systems to better manage the running of the race, and also the current situation with COVID19, we have determined that this year’s P2P will be run as follows:
  1. The Single Wave format will be maintained
  2. The Race will commence at approximately 11.05 am or immediately after the 11.00 am Sorrento Ferry leaves.


  1. Our new registration process will be used which incorporates:
    • Every swimmer being provided with a unique QR code via an email with a link.
      • This email will be sent to all swimmers approximately one week prior to the race
  2. The QR code will be scanned at the registration / check-in next to the Sorrento Pier  (Please note we may make an early pick-up service available on Saturday 20th February from the PSLSC clubhouse, if this is to occur it will be advised via your pre-race email) and you will receive the following:
    • Disposable Transponder with your personal unique numberSwimming Cap
    • Bag Tag – This bag tag will have the same last digits as your transponder.
      • It can be attached to your bags if you wish them transported from Sorrento to Portsea
      • You can then collect your bags after the race using your transponder as your proof of ownership (See below)
  • If you collect your transponder on Saturday.
    • When arriving at the race on Sunday, you will be required to have your transponder on your leg and to enter the marshalling area by walking across a special mat that will record that you are on site.

Two days prior to the race all swimmers will receive an email that will contain a link to an online COVID19 questionnaire. This is required to be completed prior to swimming.

Disposable face masks will need to be worn in the marshaling area prior to the race.

  • If you don’t have a mask you will be provided with one at the time of registration

Face masks are to be disposed of prior to the race in the rubbish bins that will be provided.  You will be advised when it is acceptable to do so.


  1. Our new merchandise collection process (T-Shirt/Cap etc) will happen post-race, where the following needs to be understood:
    • Your transponder is your key to receiving your merchandise bag
    • Your transponder must remain on your leg 
    • You will be asked to walk across a mat at the merchandise tent which will read your transponder and print out your specific card in the tent. Please follow the instructions on when to walk across the mat.
    • The people in the tent will then be able to provide you with your merchandise bag and the print out.
    • On the print out you will also find your race time and your finishing position
  2. If you have left your bag with us prior to the race:
    • An area will be set aside for bag collection at the finish
    • Your transponder is your proof of identity when collecting your bag
    • Bags will be arranged in colour grouping and transponder numbers to minimise time to collect – Please get yourself familiar with both.
A bus will operate between the Sorrento start and the Portsea finish.
The use of masks and sanitizer is mandatory on this bus.
Any other visitors will be required to first register using the QR codes that will be available at multiple locations around the sites.
This is mandatory and we ask you to please follow all of the rules that are in place which are there for all of our safety.
Please note that if conditions change with respect to COVID19 requirements we may need to reconsider the single wave format and revert back to a double wave.
We appreciate all of your understanding and help in ensuring that all of the event rules and guidelines are followed.
We will, in the email that will be sent to you prior to the event, provide a link to a full race information document and COVID 19 documentation. We ask you to please take the time to read these documents to ensure you are aware of what will be required on the day.
The Event Organising Committee thanks you for your assistance

Congratulations on registering for the 2021 Pier to Perignon!

Now that you have registered, if you want to create or join a Group for the purpose of being allocated in the same wave, just follow the instructions below. Please note: You can only be in ONE group.


  1. First you might need to create a Group if one doesn’t already exist. If you know someone who has already created a Group, skip to Joining a Group section below. If you want to create a Group, start with the link by clicking here.
  2. Once on this page, enter your Group Name and click on Check if available.
  3. Put your details in on the next screen and click Continue once done
  4. That’s it! Your team is now created.
These are the suggested Group options to click:
Group Join Type
  • Public – Anybody can join this Group
Group Payment options
  • The Group members pay for their own registration fees
Notify the Group administrator when someone joins my Group?
  • Yes
By making the Group public it allows for your friends to easily join the group you have created


  1. Before being able to join a Group, you’ll need to know the Name of the Group. Once you have that you can continue through the instructions below.
  2. To access your existing P2P registration/s click here.
  3. We suggest that you use the Login with Email or Login in Mobile buttons. Simply enter the email address or mobile number that you registered with and the system will then send you a 5 digit code via email or SMS.
  4. Once you have input the code then you will be brought to your Participant Summary page and you will see a section labelled Group Details with a Green Button (+ Join Group). Just click on that and search for the Group you want to join

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Register Now via email at support@registernow.io

Registrations open at 9.00am 16th December 2021

Finally, we can open the registration to this wonderful event. Thank you for your patience and we wish you all luck in getting a spot in next year’s event.

The following are the dates and times for registration to the event:

  • 16thDecember at 9.00am – Registrations for participants who have completed 9 or more previous P2P events will open.
  • 18thDecember at 9.00am – Registrations for participants who have completed 4 – 8 previous P2P events will open.
  • 20thDecember at 9.00am – Registrations for participants who have completed 1 – 3 previous P2P events will open.
  • 21stDecember at 9.00am – Registrations will open for the General Public

Those that have swum the event in the past five years and meet the above criteria should have received an email with a link.

Please follow the email link or the P2P registration button below to enter the registration portal. The portal will only allow people that meet the required criteria to enter on the above dates.

Once you have registered please ensure that you visit the PSLSC – Pier to Perignon page to keep up to date with event information.

Please also ensure when entering your details in the registration portal that all the details are correct as these will be used to give you details that you will need on the day of the race to enter.

 P2P Registration

2021 Pier to Perignon Update at 10th December. 

Thank you all for your patience – we know it’s been a long wait, and we know many of you are keen to lock in your open water swim calendar. The good news is that based on current COVID-19 restrictions, we are full steam ahead with the 2021 Pier to Perignon.

As we are sure you will understand, there will be a few changes to the ‘normal’ format of the Pier to Perignon which will allow us to operate within the current COVID-19 DHHS requirements. To ensure fairness, in the advent that this needs to be further altered, all registrations will be filed in order of when you register.

The first of these changes will be that rather than a single wave, we will be running as two waves (separate swims) on the same day, approximately two hours apart.  This will allow us to meet the current COVID-19 requirements. Both waves will have the benefit of the outgoing tide.

If you are keen to swim as part of a group in the same wave, our new registration platform will allow you to create a group, either at the time of entry or after you/your group have registered up until the end of December.

Swimmers/groups will be allocated to waves on a random basis. We will advise which wave you have been allocated during January.

We are also introducing a priority registration system. This will mean that registration will open on different dates based on the number of swims you have completed.

  • 16th December at 9.00am – Registrations for participants who have completed 9 or more previous P2P events will open.
  • 18th December at 9.00am – Registrations for participants who have completed 4 – 8 previous P2P events will open.
  • 20th December at 9.00am – Registrations for participants who have completed 1 – 3 previous P2P events will open.
  • 21st December at 9.00am – Registrations will open for the General Public

What you need to do next:

  1. Previous entrants will be sent an email that will have:
    • Your Name
    • Date of birth
    • Number of swims
    • Link to site
  2. If you do not receive this email by 5.30pm on the 14th of December and believe you should have, please email the P2P team at P2Pinfo@portseasurf.com.au and make sure to include, name, date of birth and number of swims. You will not receive an email if you have not swum the P2P previously. We will take all possible care in determining how many swims each swimmer has completed.
  3. If you believe the number of swims stated is not correct, please email the P2P team at P2Pinfo@portseasurf.com.au , citing your name, date of birth and the years you have completed the event and if necessary, any other relevant details. If a change is requested then once the race committees’ decision is made on the number of swims completed, this decision will be final.
  4. Ensure you check the details to make sure they are correct, as these details are used by the registration system to data match you and allows you to continue through the registration process.
    • You cannot share the link with another person, as the system will not allow two people with the same details to enter.
  5. Do not try to register prior to the date stated, which is determined by the years you have swum. The site will reject your attempt and may block you from entering at the correct time.

We have been working hard to develop new systems, procedures and strategies to enable us to bring this great event to you in 2021. We are sure you can all appreciate that being able to get us to this point has been a major undertaking. As you are aware this event is run by the Portsea Surf Lifesaving Club and all the people involved volunteer their time to deliver this event for you. Please join us in thanking them, for their time and perseverance, which has meant that we are now in the position to proceed.

The event will see several changes including registrations, gear collection, wave format and how people will be managed on the day. Please be assured that these changes have been carefully considered and will, we believe, deliver a more professional, safer, and enjoyable experience for you. Please read the requirements for the swims understand the changes, check the site for updates and follow the stated rules.

Thank you again for your patience in waiting for us to announce the date for the opening of registrations for the Pier to Perignon 2021. We look forward to seeing you all next year. GET TRAINING.

The Pier to Perignon provides the Portsea Surf Life Saving Club funding, which contributes to the provision of vital lifesaving equipment as well as to the running costs of the Club. We thank you for your patience and hope that you will be able to support us in whatever format this great event will take in 2021.            

Sam Paynter, Race Director & Craig Evans, Deputy Director                                   


We are excited to welcome back our title sponsor Kay & Burton, who continue to provide the support that is pivotal in enabling the club to deliver the event at the highest level.

This year, we welcome Crestone Wealth Management, a leading wealth advice and portfolio management services provider and Light on Landscape, the provider you need for all your outdoor lighting needs as Gold sponsors. We thank these companies and the many other partners we have for their continued support of the event – support that is pivotal in allowing us to deliver this great event.