Part-Time Bronze

Ever wanted to save a life? Missed out on Bronze Camp due to other commitments or because you were born in the 60’s?

Come and learn to become a Lifesaver! This course is open to ages 15 to 75. You will learn CPR, basic First Aid, how to Signal using the Flags and the best way to rescue someone using the Tube and Rescue Board.

Having earned your Bronze Medallion, you will be assigned to a designated “Patrol” and make a commitment to Portsea SLSC that you will attend your rostered patrols. You will help to ensure that Portsea SLSC is able to safely patrol one of the toughest beaches in Australia and maintain its record of “NO LIVES LOST ON A PATROLLED BEACH SINCE 1949!!”

Becoming a volunteer lifesaver is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have in life and teaches you key life skills such as leadership, decision making and responsibility. Every Active Member of Portsea possess a passion for the beach and has plenty of fun hanging out at the Club. Nonetheless, PSLSC members equally understand that there’s a serious side to becoming a surf lifesaver. So, before signing up for Bronze Camp, ask yourself “AM I PREPARED TO FULFIL THE COMMITMENT THAT COMES WITH THE BRONZE MEDALLION?” The right answer to this question is “YES”!

Pre-requisite Requirements

  • Swim 400m in a pool
  • Jog 1 lap of a football oval (slowly is Ok)
  • Open to learning new skills
  • Internet access – required for online sessions and for self-paced theory work. 

Program Fees

  • Part-time Bronze cost is $100

N.B. The cost for the Part-Time Bronze does not include the mandatory membership for Portsea SLSC. 

Training Details

Dates of training Location

Wednesday 11th November 7-9pm

(first time Bronze Medallion applicants only)


Thursday 12th November 7-9pm

(Previous Bronze Medallion holders only)


Wednesday 18th November 7-9pm*


Wednesday 25th November 7-9pm*


Wednesday 2nd December 7-9pm*


*Sessions to be held together, as a single group online. 

Face-to-face component

Enrolment in the Part-time Bronze will require attendance at two face-to-face sessions. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are forced to run the face-to-face sessions in separate groups of 12 maximum. 

Further information will be provided concerning exact dates of required attendance at face-to-face sessions. For the moment, the prospective dates of face-to-face training are outlined below. For now, you should please be block out the two weekends for prospective training.  

Dates of face-to-face training Location

Saturday 21st November 9am-5pm

Portsea back beach*

Sunday 22nd November 9am-5pm

Portsea back beach*

Saturday 28th November 9am-5pm

Portsea back beach*

Sunday 29th November 9am-5pm

Portsea back beach*

*Attendees are encouraged to bring a wetsuit for water work at Portsea back beach. 


Applications are currently closed for the 2020 Portsea Part-time Bronze program. If you wish to still register for the 2020 Part-time Bronze program, contact Jacqui Hart directly to express your interest.  

N.B. All applicants, current and future, must be over the age of 15 years.



All enquiries can be directed to Jacqui Hart – Education Director.