James Tissot


Having previously Lifeguarded for seven years across the districts of the Mornington Peninsula, I have seen first hand the impacts that our activities have on the coastal ecosystem. I have been shocked at the amount of rubbish and small plastics that would wash ashore each morning, even if I had cleaned the beach the day prior.

Sustainability is not exclusively concerned with just the environment. It is a mutually supportive relationship existing between social, cultural, economic and environmental concerns. Our club’s activities will always have a trade-off effect on these four pillars where every action will have a reaction. Therefore, this fragile correlation is not a fixed state of harmony, but rather a lifelong process of continual change.

I am absolutely thrilled to be involved with such a determined, spirited and visionary team. The efforts made by the environmental subcommittee is going to launch Portsea SLSC’s engagement with our surrounding environment and I can’t wait to see our initiatives flourish within the club and the local community.

We are truly blessed to operate within such a pristine environment and we must endeavour to protect and conserve this beauty.’