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Past Winners

Year Open Male Open Female Gold Male Gold Female
2020 Sam Sheppard Kelly Stubbins Sam Sheppard Dominique Hart
2019 Sam Sheppard Kelly Stubbins Sam Sheppard Dominique Hart
2018 Sam Sheppard Kelly Stubbins Sam Sheppard Georgia Stott
2017 Sam Sheppard Georgia Stott Harry Molnar Ebony Ebenwaldner
2016 Zac Charlton Kelly Stubbins Harry Molnar Ebony Ebenwaldner
2015 Hamish McDougall Georgia Stott
2014 Shane Asbury Kelly Stubbins
2013 Mark Thompson Sam Bennett
2012 Sam Sheppard Belinda Bennett
2011 Jamie Rhodes Hannah Tuohey
2010 Jamie Rhodes Jade Hanson
2009 Jamie Rhodes Emera Galletly
2008 Sam Sheppard Talia Goddard
2007 Nick Cordner Hannah Tuohey
2006 Hamish Hunter Naantali Marshall
2005 Nick Cordner Marisa Oppendisano
2004 Marcus Robertson Marisa Oppendisano
2003 Nick Hinsley Penny Reid
2002 R. Moreland Penny Reid
2001 P. Cooper Penny Reid-O’Connell
2000 R. Moreland Naantali Marshall
1999 Simon Strahan Penny O’Connell
1998 H. Smith Penny O’Connell
1997 Hamish Cameron Penny O’Connell
1996 Hamish Cameron Penny O’Connell
1995 Hamish Cameron Penny O’Connell
1994 J. Ballard Penny O’Connell
1993 Toby Haenen Penny O’Connell
1992 Rob Woodhouse Penny O’Connell
1991 S. Thompson F. Murphy
1990 Craig Riddington F. Murphy
1989 Rob Woodhouse
1988 Rob Woodhouse A. Sood
1987 Rob Woodhouse Karen Maidment